Gaven Brooks is a songwriter, vocalist and musician from New Orleans, Louisiana.  As a child, he was fascinated by different instruments, which began his journey into the world of music. At the age of sixteen, he would attend a boarding school in the Swiss Alps called TASIS via a music performance scholarship. It is here that he discovered his talent and passion for vocal performance and developed his song writing. In Europe, he was involved in many different performances such as, Fiddler on the Roof, Behind The Mask, an original musical in which Gaven played a major role in writing and plot development, along with an abundance of solo performances where he would perform a combination of original and covered songs. After attending TASIS, he attended The University of Alabama later transferring to Louisiana State University where he is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a primary focus in vocal performance. While attending LSU, he would start a band called, Leaving Letters, with whom he wrote and produced songs such as, Angel There. This would be short lived as he would break away from Leaving Letters to start his solo career forming, GT Brooks Productions, LLC in 2019.